100 Days of YARA – Day 37: PRISM

PRISM is a stealthy backdoor for *nix hosts. It listens for magic ICMP packets, spawning a reverse shell to an attacker-controlled IP address: https://github.com/andreafabrizi/prism

I encountered this during the Pros Versus Joes CTF. After discovering this malware running, I found it running on all of my team’s additional Linux hosts. Reversing the sample quickly revealed the hard-coded password in this backdoor. Strangely enough, this password was also used on the other teams’ systems.

My team exploited this finding by leveraging PRISM to spawn beacons on the other team’s hosts during the offensive leg of the contest. This allowed us to rack up points and establish a commanding lead on the scoreboard, ultimately winning the contest.

rule prism
		author = "Daniel Roberson"
		description = "https://github.com/andreafabrizi/prism"

		$a = "PRISM"
		$b = "I'm not root :("

		all of them

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