100 Days of YARA – Day 33: Murmur Hash

Murmur Hash is another non-cryptographic hash function, similar to CRC32. This algorithm is simple to implement and has been observed in several malware samples, including Cerber ransomware, Sage ransomware, and KPOT stealer: https://pinboard.in/u:droberson/t:murmur3/

This rule takes a similar approach to the CRC32, MD5, and SHA256 rules from earlier in this series by searching for constants used in this algorithm’s implementation:

rule murmurhash_constants
		author = "Daniel Roberson"
		description = "mmh3 constants"

		$c1 = { 512d9ecc }
		$c2 = { 9335871b }
		$c3 = { 646b54e6 }
		$c4 = { 35aeb2c2 }

		all of them

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