100 Days of YARA – Day 8: Salsa20

Salsa20 is a stream cipher used by various ransomware software:

I took a similar approach to the rules in previous posts to find MD5 and SHA256 implementations. I found a constant by reading the source code of a Salsa20 implementation on GitHub and looking for unique constants: https://github.com/alexwebr/salsa20/blob/master/salsa20.c#L118-L125

This was able to detect Sodinokibi ransomware within my sample library:


rule salsa20_constants
		description = "Salsa20 stream cipher constants. Used by various ransomware"
		reference = "https://github.com/alexwebr/salsa20/blob/master/salsa20.c#L118-L125"

		$ = "expand 32-byte k"

		all of them

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2 thoughts on “100 Days of YARA – Day 8: Salsa20

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