picoCTF like1000 Writeup

like1000 is a forensics puzzle worth 250 points.

The description for this puzzle is:

This .tar file got tarred a lot.

A tar file 1000.tar is supplied.

First, I tried to extract it using tar:

tar xvf 1000.tar

This produced a text file filler.txt which had some random junk in it, and another tar file 999.tar. Extracting this file created another filler.txt and another tar file 998.tar.

Seeing this, I assume based on the description that this puzzle involves extracting these files repeatedly.

I was able to solve this with a one-liner:

for x in $(seq 1000 |tac); do tar xvf $x.tar; done

This took a minute or two to extract all 1000 tar files, yielding flag.png:


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