picoCTF 2021 Tab, Tab, Attack Writeup

Tab, Tab, Attack is a General Skills puzzle worth 20 points. This puzzle provides a zip file named Addadshashanammu.zip


Using tabcomplete in the Terminal will add years to your life, esp. when dealing with long rambling directory structures and filenames: Addadshashanammu.zip


First, I extracted the zip file using unzip

daniel@wildcat ~/Downloads % unzip Addadshashanammu.zip 
Archive:  Addadshashanammu.zip
   creating: Addadshashanammu/
   creating: Addadshashanammu/Almurbalarammi/
   creating: Addadshashanammu/Almurbalarammi/Ashalmimilkala/
   creating: Addadshashanammu/Almurbalarammi/Ashalmimilkala/Assurnabitashpi/
   creating: Addadshashanammu/Almurbalarammi/Ashalmimilkala/Assurnabitashpi/Maelkashishi/
   creating: Addadshashanammu/Almurbalarammi/Ashalmimilkala/Assurnabitashpi/Maelkashishi/Onnissiralis/
   creating: Addadshashanammu/Almurbalarammi/Ashalmimilkala/Assurnabitashpi/Maelkashishi/Onnissiralis/Ularradallaku/
  inflating: Addadshashanammu/Almurbalarammi/Ashalmimilkala/Assurnabitashpi/Maelkashishi/Onnissiralis/Ularradallaku/fang-of-haynekhtnamet  

I think the point of the challenge was to use tab completion within the shell, because the directory names are kind of nonsensical, however the last line of the unzip output yielded the only file within the archive.

This file was a 64 bit ELF

file Almurbalarammi/Ashalmimilkala/Assurnabitashpi/Maelkashishi/Onnissiralis/Ularradallaku/fang-of-haynekhtnamet
Almurbalarammi/Ashalmimilkala/Assurnabitashpi/Maelkashishi/Onnissiralis/Ularradallaku/fang-of-haynekhtnamet: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2, for GNU/Linux 3.2.0, BuildID[sha1]=55548d0314fdf7999b966728d19712cdf8a52e58, not stripped

I found the flag with strings

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