picoCTF 2019 First Grep Writeup

First Grep is a General Skills puzzle worth 100 points


Can you find the flag in file? This would be really tedious to look through manually, something tells me there is a better way.

This puzzle provided a file named file:

daniel@wildcat ~ % file Downloads/file
Downloads/file: ASCII text, with very long lines

daniel@wildcat ~ % ls -l Downloads/file 
-rw-rw-r-- 1 daniel daniel 14551 Apr 19 11:56 Downloads/file


I started with grep picoCTF file, due to this challenge insinuating that it was to be solved with grep, and the pre-existing knowledge of the flag format.

Looking at this file with less, it appears that it would be painful to actually read the contents of this file to find the flag:

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